Skill Development Center


The Arts Science and Commerce College, Kolhar runs 7 certificate courses. The need for giving emphasis on the skill development has been highlighted in various forms. The main purpose behind the skill development center is to develop various skills among the youth of rural area.

Certificate Courses:

Sr.No. Name of the Course Duration Coordinator Intake Syllabus
1 Certificate course in Rural Journalism 3 Months Prof. Rudraksh C.D. 30 ---
2 Certificate course in Spoken English 3 Months Mrs. Dhimate S.S. 30 ---
3 Certificate course in Computer Literacy 3 Months Mr. Anap R.B. 240 ---
4 Certificate course in Basics of Share Marketing 3 Months Mr. Gholap S.B. 30 ---
5 Certificate course in Soil & Water Analysis 3 Months Mrs. Gaikwad R.J. 30 ---
6 Certificate course in Yoga & Meditation 3 Months Mr. Ubale R.V. 30 ---
7 Certificate course in Vermi-composting 3 Months Dr. Pulate P.D 30 ---